Home and Deck Sealer

Home and Deck Sealer

Are you looking for a professional quality home and deck sealer that offers maximum protection while preserving the natural look of the wood grain? Ideal Home & Deck Sealer is an extremely durable and long-lasting wood sealer to protect the wood on your home’s siding, fences, and decks.  

Formulated with organic oils and resins, mold inhibitor, and ultra fine reflective pigments, the Ideal Home & Deck Sealer is the oil-based wood sealer you need to protect your deck like a professional.  Ask a professional, and they’ll consistently recommend the Ideal brand of sealants over Semco sealants because Ideal sealants last 2 to 4 times longer. This home and deck sealer is UV-resistant, preventing your wood from turning grey over time, and can be applied to any type of outdoor wood.

Unparalleled Wood Protection & Color Enhancement

You can opt for wood tones such as golden, natural, walnut, or redwood. Available in quart and gallon sizes, this mold-resistant sealer will prevent mold spores from forming within the wood. Ideal Home & Deck Sealer is easy to use, simply spray on then wipe off, and there is no time-consuming preparation work required. There is no need to strip or deep clean your outdoor wood before application. To maintain maximum protection, simply apply an initial coat with an additional coat reapplied seasonally. If you have struggled with using water-based sealants in the past that peel, blister, and crack, you don’t need to worry about that happening because this sealant penetrates the wood, rather than leaving a thick coating over the wood. This way, you are still able to see the beautiful natural grain of your outdoor wood.

When you need a durable home and deck sealer that preserves the natural beauty of outdoor wood, while offering superior durability and protection, even in high traffic areas, try Ideal Home & Deck Sealer. It’s the professional choice.