Natural Wood Sealer

Natural Wood Sealer

Superior quality natural wood sealer products sold at competitive prices can be found at Ideal Wood Solutions. Our story began in 2002, when we created a sealer to protect our company’s own outdoor teak furniture line that we designed and manufactured. We soon discovered that our customers had an unfulfilled need for wood protection that met our standards for both quality and value. Our sealers have since become the #1 choice of professionals and homeowners for wood protection and beautification for marine, teak furniture, and home applications.

Ideal Wood Solutions’ semitransparent exterior natural wood stains and sealers offer superior protection, while highlighting the natural beauty of your wood. Our unique formulas combine organic oils and resins, ultra-fine reflective pigments, and a mold inhibitor to protect against staining, aging, and mold. It also comes in a variety of wood tones, including golden, natural, walnut, or redwood.

Formulated to Enhance Wood's Natural Beauty

Our Ideal Home & Deck Sealer product is easy to use—simply spray on and then wipe off. There’s no need to strip or deep clean your outdoor wood before application. With one initial coat and seasonal reapplications, your treated wood will be maintained and protected for years. And if you’ve struggled with using water-based sealants in the past that peel, blister, and crack, you don’t need to worry about that happening because our natural wood sealer penetrates the wood, rather than leaving a thick coating over it, so you’re still able to see the beautiful natural grain of your outdoor wood.

Formulated to enhance the natural beauty of teak wood and other hardwoods, our Ideal Teak Furniture Sealer is a semi-transparent formula that achieves the perfect balance of natural wood beauty enhancement and protection for outdoor furniture.

To preserve marine hardwoods from a harsh environment, our Ideal Marine Sealer is a semi-transparent formula that allows for superior wood protection. Recommended by professionals and yachtsmen, Ideal Marine Sealer has been specially formulated for the marine industry and is specifically intended for yacht and boat wood decks, railings, and panels.

For a durable yet affordable natural wood sealer that preserves the natural look of outdoor wood while offering unparalleled durability and protection, try Ideal Wood Solution products. It’s the professional choice.