Our proven results have transcended into buyer's confidence. For over a decade, Ideal Wood Solutions products have proven to be industry favorites.

Buyers are constantly searching for a product that produces a quality finish, longevity, and ease of application. Once our consumers use our products, they become loyal consumers.

Our customers’ testimonials best convey their satisfaction:

The finished result of Ideal Teak Furniture Sealer has an almost baked feel and look to it, something similar to polyurethane for the outdoors. As luck would have it, it rained for three days after I applied the final coat and I gloated over the beads of water that rolled off the tabletop. Semco? Hmm, not so crazy about it now--and I've been using it for six years. The pigment in Ideal Teak Furniture Sealer (Golden) gave the teak a nice Honeytone glow, with the endurance of plastic. I highly encourage everyone out there to use this product.

Monika F., California

I was skeptical that any sealer on the market would protect and last on my new teak boat deck on the “Nyla”. I have had this discussion with many life-long yacht owners and had concluded I would have to accept the eventual weathered look of my brand new teak decking. Much to my surprise, Ideal Marine Sealer applied easily and looks awesome. My deck has remained new looking for six months now. I have been bragging about this product to my fellow yachtsmen and highly recommend this to all boat and yacht owners who want to keep their teak decks looking new.
Jimmy N., Phuket Thailand


I recently finished the restoration of my outdoor teak furniture with Ideal Teak Furniture Sealer. WOW, what a difference. My furniture looks like new again! After the tedious stripping and sanding, it just isn't worth taking a chance with an inferior product; I know because I used Golden Care Sealer prior to using Ideal Teak Furniture Sealer. Golden Care Sealer, "sealer", this product is not! It's a water-based product with a bit of color in it. This product provides no protection against the elements whatsoever. Ideal Teak Furniture Sealer is the only product I will use in the future.

Robert K., New York